My Anti-Inflammation Diet Food Journal

It’s been a little over two weeks since I started an anti-inflammation diet to help with some finger pain I’ve been experiencing.  Many of you requested a look at a day of what I’m eating on my anti-inflammation diet, so today’s post is a food journal with a look at what kinds of foods I’m currently eating in a day.  I also plan to show you a weekly meal plan, so stay tuned for that.

Overall, things are going really well with the diet.  There were a few major changes (like taking out all sugar and wheat) but that means I just had to add in more of foods I already eat, like vegetables, fruits, and whole, unprocessed grains.  This is just a snapshot, one day, of what I’m eating, but it’s a decent representation of what my diet looks like presently.


 ”Pancakes” made with sweet potatoes, banana, and eggs (similar to this recipe but with banana added to the mix) cooked in refined coconut oil.  Unrefined coconut oil has a much lower smoke point than refined, so I have been especially careful to not use unrefined for cooking.  When oils hit their smoke point, bad things happen to them and they cause serious inflammation.  Yes, that’s my scientific explanation. Back to breakfast.  The cakes are topped with raw almond butter and I also had a glass of “whole orange juice” made with 2 oranges, 2 dates, and coconut water. Not pictured:  coffee.  Always.


I recently purchased The Oh She Glows Cookbook and this was the first recipe I tried: the Protein Power Goddess Bowl. I left out the wheat berries she called for, but otherwise followed the recipe and loved it.  It was made with lentils, red onion, red bell pepper, kale, and a lemon tahini dressing.  Really good.  I had another serving (about half the size pictured) and also some of Luke’s apple slices with peanut butter.

Afternoon Snack 

I went for an afternoon run and was famished afterwards.  I whipped up a Pineapple Ginger Anti-inflammation smoothie.  I love this smoothie and have been drinking one almost daily.


 Dinner was a spring vegetable quinoa skillet with an orange goat cheese sauce, fresh strawberries, and a green salad made with a spring mix of lettuces, cucumber, red pepper, and dressed simply with coarse sea salt, extra-virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.  I had an extra serving of the quinoa.  It was only my second time having cheese in the two and a half weeks I’ve been on this anti-inflammation diet.  Goat cheese is so good and it made a great tangy sauce!

Evening Snack

Banana that looks kind of like sushi! I spread the banana with sunflower seed butter and then sprinkled hemp seeds on top and sliced.

The results from this anti-inflammation diet have been remarkable.  The pain in my finger is almost nonexistent during the day now.  It’s still stiff and sore in the morning or after a nap, but much less so. I’m hoping I see more improvement as I continue the diet.  I’ll keep you updated!

Since I’m sharing my daily eats, and it happens to be Wednesday, why not link up with Jenn’s famous What I Ate Wednesday post?!  I’ve never done this before, so I’m excited to join the party.  If you enjoy seeing what other people eat in a day, head on over to her blog to see the many blogs that participate.



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The Perfect Shoe For Busy Moms: Reebok Skyscape Review and Giveaway

Have you ever sacrificed style for comfort?  It seems like the older women get, the more likely they are to do this. When it comes to shoes, if you’re a busy, on-the-go woman, you definitely need comfort. There’s no doubt there. But somehow it’s been engrained in our minds that you can only have one or the other: comfort or style. Or maybe that’s just how shoes have typically been made.

 But hold on to your hats:  there’s a new shoe in town that totally lets you look good while keeping your feet happy. When Reebok sent me their newest shoe, the Skyscape for on-the-go women like me, I was a little skeptical.  Usually, if a shoe is cute, it doesn’t cut it for me as an all-day shoe. I’m on my feet a lot and they get sore easily. I have bunions so it’s hard for me to find a shoe that doesn’t rub my feet the wrong way. The Reebok Skyscape shoe is the whole package of cute and comfortable.

First of all, they are so lightweight. These shoes are only 5 ounces!  Their tagline, so light and comfortable, it feels like you don’t have them on, could not be more accurate. It feels like you are walking around in your socks. They are seamless, so there’s absolutely no rubbing. Yet they have enough support that they’ll keep your feet feeling great all day. I don’t take making the claim of all-day comfort lightly. There aren’t many shoes that I can wear all day and still feel comfortable by the end of the day.  These totally passed the test!  They are made borrowing the same material and soft molding process as lingerie, so the whole shoe is flexible and just molds to your feet. They feel amazing. So the comfort aspect is definitely there.  

But guess what? They look good, too!  I am not one to normally think tennis shoes (or sneakers depending on where you live) look good with street clothes. Usually if you’re pairing tennis shoes with your street clothes, I’m thinking comfort has won the war over style. But these are so lightweight and not bulky that they look great with street clothes or more casual workout clothes. I’ve worn them all around town, and they’ve worked with several different looks. One day, I wore them to library story time with Luke (in my workout clothes), straight to the gym (where I changed into my gym shoes), then to the grocery store. I’ve worn them to pick up Meghan from school, brought her to her dance class, to get my hair done, playing outside with the kids, all in street clothes. These are casual shoes that can work with a variety of outfits.

Reebok sent me the black shoes with pink soles, which come with both pink and black laces. I’ve been wearing them with the fun pink laces, but I can see myself wearing the black laces for a more subtle look, too. They come in a variety of colors and I’m not going to lie, I kind of want the pink pair (how fun!) and the neutral gray pair that would go with everything.  Having three pairs is totally acceptable, right?

Do you want to get your hands on these awesome shoes? Of course you do! You can purchase them online here or check here to find a Reebok FitHub or outlet location near you. Even better, wouldn’t you like to WIN a pair?!  Reebok is going to give one Happy Healthy Mama reader a YourReebok Custom Card with which you can create your own pair of Skyscapes!  All you need to do to enter is leave a comment telling me where you would wear your Skyscapes. A winner will randomly be chosen from the comments. Good luck!  

Sweepstakes Rules:

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You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

  1. Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post
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This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. The notification email will come directly from BlogHer via the sweeps@blogher email address. You will have 72 hours to respond; otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 4/21/2014-5/18/2014.

Be sure to visit the Reebok Skyscape brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!

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Spiced banana almond smoothie

One food that I’ve been incorporating into my diet every day is fresh ginger.  Before I started researching anti-inflammation foods, I’d never used fresh ginger in a smoothie.  I’ve used it countless times in meals as it’s one of my favorite flavors, but never in a smoothie.  Now I’m kind of obsessed.  I think I had this pineapple-ginger smoothie with my lunch for a week straight.  It’s strong, but oh-so-good.

Even if you don’t need the anti-inflammation benefits of fresh ginger (but really, who doesn’t?), it boasts a whole bunch of other health benefits.  Fresh ginger is great for nausea (I drank ginger drinks a lot when pregnant), is said to help keep blood-sugar steady, improves the absorption of essential nutrients, and can increase energy.  I’ve noticed after having a smoothie with fresh ginger for lunch I don’t have my usual dip mid-afternoon energy slump, so it works for me!

This spiced banana almond smoothie is a lovely blend of sweet and spicy.  The fresh ginger adds a little bite, but the almond and banana flavor are still able to shine.  Banana and almond is a classic smoothie combination, but adding fresh ginger and cinnamon take it in a different direction and give it a fresh and fun flavor profile.

As you can probably tell from the pictures, this is not a super thick smoothie.  Sometimes I’m in the mood for a thick, creamy smoothie, other times I really want one that is on the thinner side. For a creamier smoothie, use frozen bananas.  You could even add an extra banana or reduce the water/milk if you want it extra thick.  I love this smoothie as-is, though.  It is light and refreshing, yet has enough protein to be quite filling.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


P.S.  I won’t be posting for Fitness Friday this week.  Have a great Easter weekend, everyone!


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One pot coconut curry lentil bowl with chickpeas and kale

Do you want to know what’s an absolute tragedy?  My kids don’t enjoy any meals where their food is mixed together or with any type of sauce.  Yes, the one-pot meal, a busy mom’s dream dinner, is my kids’ worst nightmare.

I’m a persistent gal, though, and one thing I’ve learned about feeding children is that their tastes and preferences do change, especially if you continue to serve them a variety of foods over time.  I haven’t given up on the one-pot meal.  I keep trying.

I served this Coconut Curry Lentil Bowl with Chickpeas and Kale to Meghan and Luke along with whole grain naan bread, raw vegetables, and applesauce.  I added more to the meal (easy things I didn’t have to cook) because I knew they wouldn’t eat a lot, if any, of the one-pot meal I was serving as the main entree.

I reminded Meghan that she loves chickpeas, and even though she was reluctant, she picked them out and ate them.  Luke will do what Meghan does usually, so he followed his big sister and ate his chickpeas.  They both were a n0-go to try the kale or saucy mix of lentils, and I didn’t push it.  They devoured their naan (a favorite) and also ate all of their carrots, red peppers, and applesauce.

I didn’t mean to talk so much about how this meal worked for my kids, but I know a lot of moms read and are probably interested in how dinner time looks at other houses.  I know I am always curious.  But let me move on to the dynamics of the dish before I lose your interest!  (Too late?)

This is a super quick and easy dinner.  Quick, easy, AND healthy.  Not an easy-to-come-by combination!  Oh, and full of flavor.  I just love coconut+curry together, and there’s also fresh ginger, lime, and cilantro that bring the whole thing together.  I ate just this because of my anti-inflammation diet, but it’s perfect with warm naan bread.  If you need a vegan, gluten-free, weeknight meal that is super satisfying, you found a great one!



Even though I am going to wait a month to give you a detailed update of how things are going with my new diet and finger pain, I can’t wait to tell you how things are going. After one week on an anti-inflammation diet, I have seen a significant improvement in my finger pain! One week ago, I could not bend my finger in the morning and throughout the day making a fist was impossible. I can do both of those things now and the pain is much less. I did not expect to feel a difference so quickly, but I am more determined than ever to continue with the changes I’ve made.  I’ll give you more details in time, but I just wanted to give you a quick update since I’m so excited about the results so far.  Thanks again for all of your comments and support.



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Leg burner stroller workout

Would you like to know my favorite part of having a blog?  Well, I love having my favorite recipes saved all in one place.  That’s pretty cool.  But what I love the absolute most is the community.  So many of you commented on my last post about why I started a strict anti-inflammation diet and shared your stories, gave advice, and offered words of encouragement.  Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times.  You’ve given me a lot to think about and even more research to do!

Since last Fitness Friday I focused on arms, I thought it would be fitting to focus on legs today. I don’t know how it is where you are, but we are finally enjoying some spring-like weather in Ohio.  When the sun is shining and temperatures are warm, the last thing I want to do is head to a gym, so whenever I can I take my workout outside.

This Leg Burner Stroller Workout was my favorite workout of the last week. Going outside for my workout means I don’t get to use the gym child-care.  A stroller workout is the perfect solution!  Even if you don’t have a young stroller-aged child, you can do this workout.  The stroller adds another dimension to the workout because you’re pushing something while you walk/run, but you’ll still get a great workout without it.

I love that this workout mixes in cardio intervals with some leg exercises and sprinting that will definitely have you feeling the burn.  No weights required.

As you can see, it’s a 45 minute workout.  Because I was constantly changing things up, it flew by for me.  I love workouts like that!  I kept the descriptions for pace general–easy or medium.  Easy running pace should be a pace where you could comfortably carry on a conversation.  Medium running pace should be a pace where you are pushing yourself more and should fall between comfortable conversation pace and what your race pace would be (which is what I would call a hard run).  Sprinting should be almost all-out.  The sprints are only 30 seconds, so just go as fast as your legs will take you and then you can have a 30 second recovery walk, or even stop to rest during that 30 seconds if needed.  I used the stop-watch function on my phone to keep time.

If you’re looking for a medium-intensity cardio interval workout that will really work your legs, this is a great one to try!  Let me know if you test it out.

What was YOUR favorite workout of the last week?  

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