My pregnancy: 14 weeks

I’m 14 weeks pregnant!  No matter what calendar you look at, it will tell you I’m officially in my 2nd trimester now, and I can tell you that knowing that feels good.  I’ve been on vacation this week at my in-laws house, so I’ve been lucky enough to get extra rest while Nana and Poppy spent all their time playing with Meghan.

How I’m Feeling

I’ve definitely turned a corner this week, and it’s a relief and anxiety-producing at the same time.  Because I was sick until 17 weeks with Meghan, I thought I would be sick that long again.  I know that every pregnancy is different, and that because my sickness has subsided doesn’t mean there is anything wrong, but I can’t help but be nervous.  I’ll likely be nervous for the next two weeks until my next doctor’s appointment.

Signs that the I’ve left the first trimester yuckiness behind:

  • When I wake up in the morning, if I don’t eat immediately I’m not dry heaving like I was before.
  • I’m not gagging on my own saliva and needing to spit every hour.  (Gross, I know.  Sorry.)
  • I haven’t thrown up in almost two weeks!
  • When I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I feel hungry, but not crazy nauseous as I did much of my first trimester.

There are a few symptoms that haven’t gone away yet.  One thing that hasn’t changed much is my energy level.  I’m still exhausted and napping every day (except one magical day when I didn’t need one this week).  I still have occasional nausea, but it’s more like once a day rather than several times a day.

What’s Going on with my Body

I haven’t noticed any big changes in my body since last week.  My regular clothes are still fitting, but barely.  It took me a few tries to get my jeans buttoned this morning. :-)  This is a strange stage of pregnancy, because I really only look pregnant to people who know.  If you didn’t know I was pregnant, you would probably just assume I’d gained a few pounds.  I’d rather just look pregnant.

What I’m Eating

When I was pregnant with Meghan, I had so many food aversions.  I had a really difficult time eating my normal, healthy diet that included a variety of vegetables, beans, and whole grains.  This time I’ve been lucky that my food aversions have been limited and I’ve been able to eat a lot of the same foods I always eat.  The biggest problem I’ve had is finding the energy to prepare the foods my body needs.

When I’m not pregnant, I generally eat meat about once a  week.  During my pregnancy I’ve upped that to about 3-4 times a week. I know that it’s attainable to have a healthy pregnancy on a plant-based diet.  For me, however, I find it much easier to eat the higher protein requirements pregnancy demands by eating more meat than usual. I also eat (organic, grass-fed) beef about once a week to help me get the iron I need.  Again, I know these requirements can be met without meat, but I don’t have the energy to make sure I’m getting what the baby needs from mainly plant sources.  I want to make sure my little bean gets all the nutrients he/she needs!

One thing that I’ve noticed this week is that my hunger level seems to be increasing.  It doesn’t matter if I eat a huge meal, I will be hungry again two hours later.  I am eating at least every two hours.  I have no idea how many calories I’m consuming; for now I’m just trusting my body to tell me how much it needs to eat.  If I’m feeling hungry, I must need to eat!

I’m not sure how much weight I’ve gained at this point.  At my 12 week appointment, I’d gained a total of 2 pounds.  I’ll let you know where I’m at after my 16 week appointment.

We are getting to ready to spend the weekend at the beach, even though the forecast is calling for rain and thunderstorms.  Then we’ll be driving 12+ hours back to Ohio.  I hope I continue to feel well for the trip ahead! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  :-)

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  1. says

    I just came across your blog, very nice. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I love all your advice on nutrition and your recipes look great, I am looking forward to trying a few out! It’s nice to come across like-minded people in regards to nutrition.

  2. says

    I love these updates! Glad that you’ve still been able to enjoy the foods you usually do, and what you are saying about protein intake is totally understandable. Just do what works for you and your baby! :) Have a lovely weekend at the beach!

  3. says

    AWWW What a cute baby-bump. I remember hating that in-between stage too. I would purposefully wear maternity-shaped clothes and stick my belly out a little more. :) Congratulations! – I just started reading your blog so didn’t see the announcement post previously.

  4. says

    You look good, the smile really adds to the picture. I’m glad that you are sharing what you are eating and how you are feeling. My husband and I are trying to add a little bundle in our lives, so if it ever happens I will feel more educated. Take care!

  5. says

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better now!! I remember what a relief that was. And to be able to eat the things you usually eat is awesome :D I remember having so many food aversions. Some dishes I still make for my husband but I can’t stand to try them even though I loved them before I got pregnant with my daughter. I also remember feeling awkward in the in between size. I remember when I was pregnant with my son we didn’t share the news for quite a while because I didn’t start to show for a long time and when I did finally start to show my brother in law(who was so young when I think of him now in comparison) thought I was getting fat and said so. LOL!

  6. Lisa says

    You look absolutely adorable! And, you definitely should be listening to your body. If it tells you to eat meat, by all means do it. That’s my philosophy during pregnancy. If you listen to what your body needs, then you will feel better. I was really, really sick during both of my pregnancies. I had all of the symptoms you listed above: the dry heaving when waking up in the AM, gagging on my own saliva, nauseous all of the time, and throwing up several times a day. UGH, it was so awful, but so worth it for my loves.

  7. Anna Jorgenson says

    Congratulations! I am also preggo and due around the end of January. I’m happy to be able to go through this process with you (kind of – just a few weeks behind). Thank you for sharing! I can relate to a lot of what you are going through in your pregnancy.

  8. Katie Griffin says

    So happy to hear that you are feeling better. Fun to follow your pregnancy, especially since it seems so long ago that I was pregnant. My girls are now: almost 15 and 13! Enjoy and keep positive. :)

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