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What Can Happen If You Decide To Speak Up?

  During Meghan’s first year of preschool, they served juice and some sort of processed food (such as crackers) for snack everyday.  It bothered me because those were not things I gave her at home often, but I didn’t say … Continue reading

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Learning to Say No

It seems children today are offered candy or junk food during or after every activity in which they participate.  Where do you draw the line?  This is the story of how I’m learning to say no.    Meghan had her … Continue reading

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2 1/2 Years

Remember this guy?  He’s 2 1/2! I am in awe of the toddler my little baby’s grown into. He’s a walking, talking, big-boy-potty-using cool guy who is equally loving and gentle as rough and tumble.  And I just keep falling … Continue reading

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You Can Go Your Own Way

Meghan had a ballet recital this weekend.  The opening act danced to Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac.  As the older dancers moved across the stage to those iconic words, I couldn’t help but think about how sure I was … Continue reading

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Kindergarten Redshirting: Why We Are Doing it With Our Daughter

Redshirting kindergarten is a term given when parents hold their child back a year before starting kindergarten, or in some cases, give them an extra year of kindergarten. The term comes from college athletics when freshmen take a year off … Continue reading

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