4-ingredient tahini-maple energy bites {nut free!}

Have you ever tried tahini and maple syrup together?  Oh, you need to.  It’s one of my very favorite flavor combinations.  I’ve used it for salad dressings and for a to-die-for fruit dip that tastes like a vegan caramel dip.  This is my first time throwing them together in an energy ball.  It was a good move.

I’ve wanted to make a nut-free energy ball for a long time.  I usually use almonds or walnuts as the base, but this time I used sunflower seeds.  They worked so well!  I’m happy to have an alternative to switch things up now and again.

These energy balls are super satisfying and you can’t get any easier than blending together 4 ingredients, right?  I just love having these kinds of snacks on hand for times when hunger strikes and I need something quick and healthy.  And I can make them in less than 10 minutes.  Yep.  You need to make a batch.


Want more energy ball recipes?  Try one of these (all can be made into ball, bar, or cookie form):

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I hope you are all having a great week!



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    These are so amazing! They taste like peanut butter cookie dough … without the peanuts or any nuts at all! Fabulous! This will be a new snack-staple in our house. :)

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