Restaurant Style Salsa with Fresh Tomatoes

Restaurant Style Salsa with Fresh Tomatoes recipes close up

Summer’s best fresh tomatoes makes this restaurant style salsa beyond amazing. This salsa is full of garden-fresh flavor and can be made in just minutes!  



  1. Put all of the ingredients in a food processor, in two or more batches if necessary, and pulse until the salsa is the consistency of your preference.  (I told you it was easy!)


This is a large batch of salsa, and it barely fits in my 14-cup food processor.  If you have a smaller food processor, you can make this in batches and then mix it all together in a large mixing bowl when you finish.  This recipe is not appropriate for canning.  It’s enough to serve a crowd if you’re having a party or great for sharing with neighbors, friends, or family.  If you prefer less salsa, you can halve the recipe.