20 minute dinner: vegan mac and (not) cheese with peas

This is a rich and creamy vegan pasta dish that delivers big comfort and big nutrition.  Use gluten-free noodles to make it both vegan and gluten-free.  Dinner in 20 minutes!




  1. Put your macaroni in a medium pot and add enough water so the noodles are covered by about 2 inches.  Add some salt to the water.  Bring to a boil and cook according to package directions.  Reserve 2 cups of the pasta water before you drain it.
  2. Meanwhile, grind your soaked cashews in the food processor (a blender may work, too) until they are completely broken down.
  3. Return the reserved 2 cups of pasta water to the pot (just keep the pasta in the colander for now–no need to dirty another bowl or pot) and add the cashews, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, garlic powder, paprika, turmeric, and salt.  Whisk well.  Bring to a simmer and add in the corn starch or arrowroot powder.  Allow the sauce to thicken.  Stir in the macaroni noodles and peas and cook until the peas are hot.  Serve immediately.  Enjoy!


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