Take the Stress out of Family Dinners

Six weeks of meal plans with recipes, grocery lists, and a step-by-step system for getting healthy, homemade dinners on the table FAST.

What you’ll get out of this comprehensive eBook:

Conquer Dinner is more than just meal plans and grocery lists. You will get all of that and so much more. Conquer Dinner is a proven system that will help you get healthy, homemade dinners on the table, fast. 

You'll have a step-by-step plan at your finger tips, showing you exactly what you need to do ahead of time so that you can prepare healthy, homemade dinners without the stress or chaos. This system works even for the busiest of families! 

Stop the mid-week take out runs on the way to practice, premade processed dinners, and stressful nights of trying to prepare dinners from scratch without a solid plan. Bring back healthy family dinners, made quickly and easily.

Meal Plans 

6 weeks of dinner meal plans and recipes. Balance and variety are built in for you! 

Grocery Lists

You'll have a interactive grocery list for each week. You can access it from your phone and check off the items as you put them in your cart!  

Easy Prep 

It only takes one hour or less each week to prepare your ingredients for FAST dinners. Step-by-step instructions make it easy. 

Don’t hesitate. Your healthy, homemade dinners are waiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

My kids are picky eaters. Will Conquer Dinner work for us? 

My kids are picky, too! I refuse to make separate dinners for everyone, but I do think of their preferences when I cook. I show you exactly how each recipe can be adapted for picky eaters. 

What kind of diet do these recipes follow? 

I believe in a balanced approach to eating, so the recipes don't follow one specific diet plan. All of the recipes follow my philosophy of eating fresh, whole foods. Some recipes are vegan, some are Paleo, some are vegetarian. There's a wide variety. Many recipes are naturally gluten-free and dairy-free as we generally tend to limit dairy and gluten, but not all are. Every recipe, however, has suggestions on how to adapt it to fit specific dietary needs.

We are so busy! Even one hour of prep work a week will be difficult for my family. Will Conquer Dinner work for me?  

Yes! As long as you can carve out about 15 minutes in the morning, you don't have to do the hour of prep work each week. I give different methods and the system is flexible to fit different schedules. 

I hate cooking! Should I try Conquer Dinner? 

You definitely should try Conquer Dinner even if you aren't into cooking. This eBook is for people who want their families to eat healthy, homemade dinners because they know that's what is best for maintaining overall health. If that's your priority, I can help you make it happen even if you hate cooking or think you're terrible at it. 

How many nights are planned per week in this system? 

Conquer Dinner included 5 planned meals each week. We have found that planning 7 meals a week leads to wasted food or too much stress. Instead, we allow 2 nights for leftovers or throw-together meals, or social events.