How dinner went down: February 26th-March 3rd

Having a new baby is affecting my memory.  I just had to sit here for 20 minutes because for the life of me I couldn’t remember what we had for dinner last Sunday.  Now that I think of it, I probably wouldn’t have been super quick to recall a dinner from a week prior before I had Luke, either.  You can’t remember what you had for dinner last Sunday either, can you?  I feel a little better now.

After maximum brain power exerted to remember, here’s how dinner went down in my house last week.


Coconut Eggplant Bharta from Daily Garnish.  Eggplant is one of those vegetables that I really want to like.  I try.  But for some reason, I just don’t.  I think it’s a texture thing.  But I keep trying.  When I saw Emily post this recipe, it sounded like something I’d love, and she said her husband Casey liked it despite not being a big fan of eggplant.  So I gave it a go.  The result?  Great flavor.  Easy to prepare.  I still don’t like eggplant.  Tim’s reaction was the same as mine.  Meghan?  Ummm….no, she would not try this.


Beef tacos using grass-fed and organic beef.  On the side we had this Mexican brown rice, which is a new favorite that I’ll definitely make again.  If you need a good Mexican rice recipe, try this one.  It’s fantastic.  I changed the recipe up a little bit by using red bell peppers instead of carrots, frozen corn instead of zucchini, and instead of the serrano chiles, I just used chile powder.


Vegan Cassoulet.  The most basic definition of cassoulet is “a stew with beans and meat”, which means I technically created an oxymoron by putting “vegan” in front of “cassoulet”. I’ve never been one to follow the rules.   I’ll be sharing this recipe with you soon–it was very tasty.


Penne with jarred sauce.  Tim had some meatless balls with his that I had frozen, but I couldn’t have them because they are made with cheese.  So I just had penne and marinara sauce.  Pretty boring dinner, but it was quick and easy and that’s what I needed on Wednesday night.  We all have those nights, right?


Roasted vegetable quinoa pie.  Oh, my.  I had no idea if this little idea I had would work, but it did!  Tim’s side got covered with cheese, my side was left plain.  I didn’t think it even needed cheese; I loved it without. Luckily I took the time to scribble down the recipe as I was preparing this so I can make it again and share it with you soon.  Very good!


Homemade pizza night!  What?! Pizza without cheese?  Yes, ma’am.  It was good, too.  I’m starting to embrace this dairy-free thing.  Not really.  But I’m getting used to it.  Tim’s is the one with the cheese.  No, we didn’t each eat an entire pizza.  But I may have eaten half.  I used the recipe you see in this post for the pizza dough, except I doubled it and only used 4 cups of flour.  The result was a very soft, incredibly delicious dough.  I made a simple sauce using canned tomatoes and some Italian spices, and our toppings were sauteed mushrooms, garlic, and chopped spinach with balsamic vinegar.  Very tasty!


Spicy African Peanut Stew from Peas and Thank You. This recipe is in the Peas and Thank You cookbook, but can also be found on Mama Pea’s blog.  I made the slow cooker version.  This was perfect because it was chock full of items I had in my pantry.  Coconut milk? Check. Fire-roasted canned tomatoes?  Check.  Red Lentils?  Check.  Peanut butter?  Triple check.  All I had to buy was a sweet potato.  Score.  This stew was a winner.  Tim thought it needed more spice, though.  It’s strange that it has the word “spicy” in the title, because it’s not spicy at all.  I actually think with the coconut milk, peanut butter, and sweet potato, I’d call this more of a sweet dish.  Either way, it was good and suuuuuuper easy.  Just throw everything in the crock pot and let ‘er cook.  And it was even better as leftovers for lunch today.  It thickened up a bit and I think the flavors came out even more.

So there is a week of dinners (and lots of lunch leftovers), from my kitchen to yours.  I hope you have an adventure in your kitchen this week!

Question:  What’s the best thing you had for dinner last week?  Can you even remember?