Pantry Pumpkin Bisque

Yes, I realize it’s February.  I do know that the more appropriate month to feature a pumpkin soup recipe would be October, or maybe even November.  By February pumpkin is far from everyone’s mind and not a regular craving like those crisp fall months.  But sometimes by the end of the week your produce drawer looks like this:

With dinner options limited, I turned to my pantry.  Thank goodness I keep it well-stocked.  It doesn’t matter what month it is when you’re hungry, and besides, pumpkin always tastes good. Which would explain why I keep it stocked through the winter.  If you don’t keep it as a staple in your pantry, you should.

This creamy, thick bisque doesn’t feel like a we-need-to-go-grocery shopping type of meal.  It certainly doesn’t feel like a meal that can be ready in about 20 minutes.  So if you’re looking for a satisfying lunch or dinner and your produce drawer is waning like mine, check out your pantry.  Here’s what you need:

And the spiiiiiiiices:

Meghan tried this and declared it “icky”.  I think when she heard the word “pumpkin” she immediately thought of her beloved Pumpkin Pie Smoothie, and this bisque tastes nothing like that.  Oh, well, you can’t win them all, right?  It just meant more for Tim and I, who both declared it “delicious”.


  1. Tori says

    I tried a few times with different variations of squash soups and finally got my kids to eat it – butternut squash and apple. Now that my daughter will eat it, I’ll for sure give this version a try. It sounds fantastic with the coconut milk in it!!!!!


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